• Project(आपूर्ति)
    Healthy food for needy
  • Project(स्वनिर्भर)
    Wheelchairs, Doctor’s Consultation Fee and Artificial Limbs for Disabled/Old people).
  • Project(वीणावादिनी)
    Child Education.( e.g. Books, School Fee, Stationery and Uniform).
  • Project (श्री दीनदयाल विद्यापीठ)
    Land and construction material for school building for gifted Children.
  • Project(वापसी)
    Rehabilitation of migrant labours. (e.g. Blankets,Room Rent and Stipend till Restoration of work.)

Save the children

Funding for Poor

Child Education

Differently Abled People

Homeless Senior Citizens

Save Environment

Welcome to DNRA C Foundation

It was set up in order to tackle the problems of poverty, homelessness, child education and differently abled in all over India, especially amongst young children and aged people. DNRA C Foundation is committed to the welfare of people from the most under privileged strata of society without distinction of caste, creed or colour. Its emphasis is on assisting the children, youth and senior citizens and the disabled who need a support to help them join mainstream society. Our logo symbolises our vision for the future – a future in which each and every person can look forward to a new day, a day free from hunger, suffering, abuse and poverty.

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